Change of MHU Version String Definition

After defining the version strings in Januar and a look back I decided to change the version string definitions and use the common way of version counting.

In Wikipedia the definition major.minor[.maintenance[.build]]  looks good and is similar to my current definition: <core>.<major>.<minor>[.<hotfix>]

So I will remove the core component because it was not changing in the last 10 years and add the hotfix component as non optional part of the version string. By the way I will do the same as the big players - removing the unused parts from version string like java 1.8 is becoming Java 8.

To migrate all the projects I will remove the first number for the next iteration. So mhu-lib 3.6.3 will be 6.3.0 after the next release. The next snapshot is 6.4.0-SNAPSHOT.


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