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vaadin 14 with osgi and karaf

After vaadin changed to the new flow technology it needs more effort to migrate to a new major version then 8.

In my case it means to test how to get vaadin in karaf working.

Unfortunately there is no direct karaf support in vaadin and there is no example or documentation how to do it. But I found OSGi support since vaadin 13. An example project was not working as described in the documentation ( Even with different branches and tags I get dependency exceptions in the OSGi framework.

So I started creating a new configuration and project from scratch.

I used my docker image with karaf 6.2.6 installed and java 11.0.3 to create a sample project and a bundle configuration.

You can checkout the project within my example project ( in folder vaadin-flow/mhu-vaadin-examples1. Compile the sources with maven:

git clone
cd mhus-examples/vaadin-flow/mhu-vaadin-examples1