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Modified Log Tail in karaf

A long time the command .mhu:log console' was created to tail the log from log file in runtime, means in the background while typing in the current session.

Now I created a new command 'mhus:logtail'. I copied the original 'log:tail' from and modified it to work in background.

The goal is that it will listen to the appenders and not to the log file. In this way it is possible to check the logging thread. With the option '-c' (console thread) it is possible to filter only log messages created by the current session thread. In this way you get feedback for your executed commands only and not all the logs of a running system.

Console madnes

It looks like it's not easy to recognise the console cols and rows in every case. After a period of continuous tries and fails I found that even the 'specialists' are not able to find the size of the console in every case. Just now I use jline to find the terminal size. But if you login into karaf using a ssh client it's not possible at all.

As reaction I created a console factory (as it should be) to create console instances for every thread and it's possible to overwrite the current used console instance. Now in karaf it's possible to use

console set

to set a session bound console instance which will recognise the size correctly by using the session instance.