Announce releases of software projects


  • mhu-lib: 3.3.4
  • mhu-sogi-tools: 1.4.0
  • mhu-transform: 1.1.0
  • mhu-sop: 1.3.2
  • mhu-ports: 1.3.5
  • cherry-vault: 1.0.1
  • cherry-reactive: 1.0.0


  • move mhu-lib-karaf into mhu-osgi-tools/mhu-osgi-services and /mhu-karaf-commands
    This will break all dependencies of the mhu-lib-karaf classes and a full migration is needed.
  • disable mhu-lib-liferay. This artefact should be moved into a separate project
  • fix MPojo lambda parser for another kind of lambda handling
  • PojoModel is now using @Public annotation to control behaviour. This will be deactivated for adb models to be compatible
  • mhu-lib-persistence: Fix SqlAnalytics to ignore uuid placeholders  
  • improvements
  • create mhu-osgi-services and mhu-karaf-commands, move parts of mhu-osgi-commands to the new packages and remove mhu-osgi-commands
  • remove mhu-osgi-mail and mhu-karaf-mail because it’s not needed. Sending mail is done by mhu-lib, use MApi.lookup(MSendMail.class) to get the mailer. Use mhu-ports/ports-javaxmail to import the javax.mail bundle into osgi
  • add mhus:mail to send mails via MSendMail
  • add shell:highlight to parse and highlight text in the gogo shell
  • add BundleDeployer to allow temp file deployment of resources in bundle runtime, also handlers are supported, Unzip-Handler is available by default
  • improvements
  • support free marker templating
  • add transform:test command to test the installed transformers
  • fix velocity transformer
  • add distributed registry to share parameters
  • registry can also be used to manipulate Cfg parameters
  • add distributed file queue (DFQ) to share files
  • add distributed file system to share file system (DFS) structures, files will be shared via DFQ
  • add AAA manipulators
  • add AAA trust security
  • improvements
  • temporarily remove vaadin bundles, because the are not changed, use previous version 1.3.4 to use this bundles
  • rename flummi to ports-flummi and groovy to ports-groovy and cglib to ports-cglib
  • change ported groovy version to 2.4.15
  • add ports-javaxmail to provide a javax.mail bundle for osgi


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